School Objects in French - 5 activities for Kids

Bonjour les enfants 👋

Let's learn the school objects in French: Le matériel scolaire or Les fournitures scolaires

School Objects for kids



Watch this video and repeat each word after me.


Print out the School Objects flashcards, then have your children cut and color them. 


Shuffle all the flashcards, watch the video again and pick the right flashcards when it is called (and continue to repeat each word). 


To go further. Listen to the video (cover the screen if you are tempted to watch) and play the same game as #3.


Print out 2 of each flashcard in French (or use the French and blank ones) to play a Memory Game.

Memory Game Rule

The memory game is a common children's game played with a set of cards. The cards have a picture on one side and each picture appears on two. The game starts with all the cards face down and players take turns to turn over two cards. If the two cards have the same picture, then they keep the cards, otherwise they turn the cards face down again. The winner is the person with the most cards when all the cards have been taken.

More School Object videos in French

For 3-6

For 6+

For 12+

I hope you enjoyed doing these exercises in French with your kids. 
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And now, let's play


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