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The Months of the Year in French

 Les mois de l'année en français Let's sing the months of the year in French! Come and learn French with Margot: French and Bilingual Zoom Classes with French children

The Rooms of the House in French (French lesson for kids)

 Les Pièces de la Maison Download the 'rooms of the house' bilingual flashcards here More videos 3-6 Je fais le tour de ma maison - Nursery Rhyme in French Je fais le tour de ma maison Je fais le tour de la maison,  (Draw a circle with your finger on your face) Je ferme les volets,  (Run fingers over eyes to close eyelids) Je descends l’escalier, (Walk the index and middle fingers down the face to the mouth) Je ferme la porte (Close mouth with finger) Et je tourne la clef clic clac clic chut (Move up the nose and lightly pinch the nose from left to right with the fingers) Je fais le tour de la maison (Draw a circle with your finger on your face) Quand tout est bien fermé (Mimic a key closing the door from left to right) Je file me coucher (Put both hands together, close to his cheek) Car je suis attendu au pays des tortues. (Place your right hand closed into the fist over your outstretched left hand) Ma Maison - Song in French  Ding dong fait la sonnette Comme une chansonnette 

Join my French baking class!

I am excited to invite you all to my first online  French Baking Workshop where we will learn French while baking a typical French dessert: Une tarte aux pommes !  Baking or cooking stimulates our 5 senses and it is the best way to learn a new language, isn't it? I have a nice personal story to tell you about the tarte aux pommes, à la française or French Apple Tart. But first, you need to know that a tarte aux pommes is not an apple pie but an apple tart. The apples are not cooked under the pie crust but on top of it. The apple slices are thin and even. It requires more time and patience to arrange them one by one on the pastry. It's kind of an art. In French, we say: C'est tout un art ! Here's my story. When I was young, I hated baking tartes aux pommes. I did not understand why I should cut thin slices of apples and take "hours" arranging them on the pastry. I much preferred throwing uneven bits of apples on the pastry. I remember saying to my mom that in

About me

 I am Margot, a passionate language teacher since 1995. I am also a children's book author .  I am fascinated by languages, and I have studied quite a few including English, modern Greek, Spanish, Persian, Bengali, Chinese and Quechua. I am also fond of literature (British, American and of course French!). That is why I have decided to study English and French at Paris 7 University, in France. I graduated in 2001 and became a language teacher! I especially love teaching children. I started as an English teacher in a primary school in Paris, France, then became a school teacher in a bilingual (French & English) kindergarten and primary school in Montpellier, south of France. These first experiences taught me a lot. You can learn all sorts of teaching theories in books or at University, but nothing replaces a solid field expertise. What is more, teaching children is so rewarding, isn't it? In 2012, after teaching in lots of different schools and companies (for adults), I crea