About me

 I am Margot, a passionate language teacher since 1995. I am also a children's book author

I am fascinated by languages, and I have studied quite a few including English, modern Greek, Spanish, Persian, Bengali, Chinese and Quechua. I am also fond of literature (British, American and of course French!).

That is why I have decided to study English and French at Paris 7 University, in France. I graduated in 2001 and became a language teacher!

I especially love teaching children. I started as an English teacher in a primary school in Paris, France, then became a school teacher in a bilingual (French & English) kindergarten and primary school in Montpellier, south of France.

These first experiences taught me a lot. You can learn all sorts of teaching theories in books or at University, but nothing replaces a solid field expertise. What is more, teaching children is so rewarding, isn't it?

In 2012, after teaching in lots of different schools and companies (for adults), I created my own language club for children and adults. In parallel, I also taught university students. 

Since 2020, I have exclusively been working online and this has opened the whole world to me! I now teach French & English to children and adults from all over the world through YouTube and Instagram videos, free online French lessons on my blog, and soon on my own new French online platform! I also teach by Zoom.

Penpals4Kids is a pen pal program I have created a few years ago. It is designed to help English and French-speaking kids from all over the world to connect with each other.

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Now, I'd love to know who you are. Do you speak French? Would you like to learn French with your children? Where are you from? Please, let me know in the comments ;)


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