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Book a private French class with me

New!  I now offer private tutoring in French for kids and adults. Check out my page Book a Private Class !

My friend Céline can teach you French!

Let me introduce you to my friend Céline. Céline  is   an experienced freelance FSL teacher. She is French, grew up in France, and graduated from University in 2007.  Cyprus 2023 Then she moved to China where she stayed for 5 years (as a French and English teacher).  Chine 2016 She later lived in Sri Lanka where she learnt Sinhalese. Sri Lanka 2018 She can teach 3 languages to kids and adults: French, Chinese and English! She is a sweet woman, super creative and very patient with children. Contact me for more information.

Learn how to read in French

Learning how to read and write in French can be challenging! For example, there are lots of silent letters at the end of the words and so many words that have a different spelling for the exact same pronunciation.  English speakers learn to read with Phonics, French people learn with a syllabic method - "la méthode syllabique" . The good news is that in French you pronounce ALL the syllables! French is what we call a syllabic language, like Spanish or Modern Greek. When I was a school teacher in a bilingual private school, in 2001, I was taught to teach French reading and writing to my Kindergarten 5-year-old kids. I had no experience whatsoever teaching reading and writing! But the syllable method is quite easy to follow and is very efficient. Of course, as there are always exceptions to rules, some short words have to be taught differently - kids have to learn a list of words by heart. We call it "la méthode globale". The method is based on a visual recognition o

Award winner - Best International Language Club for Kids 2023 !

I was thrilled to learn I was awarded Best International Language Club for Kids 2023 ! In the category  Private Education Awards , by the prestigious  Lux Life Magazine . In my international language club for kids (Lessons4Kids), I teach: French language to anglophone kids around the world ( )  English to francophone kids around the world ( ) Thank you for your support! Margot, from France