Who am I?

Who am I?

I am Margot and I've been teaching English with a passion since 1995. I am French, I live in France and I started to teach French in 2020. 

Lessons4Kids was awarded Best International Language Club for Kids 2023, in the Private Education Award category, by the prestigious Lux Life Magazine.

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I have taught English

  • in many schools (private and public) including a bilingual nursery/primary school. 
  • junior high school
  • high school (BTS level)
  • at the University of Rennes 1 - IUT students (DUT and licence pro levels)
  • in companies
  • in my language club - Le Mini Club Anglais (from 2012 to 2020)

Today, I teach English and French online and create teaching resources for families, teachers, schools and language clubs. I also offer teacher training and language (English and French) courses for adults.


After graduating with a baccalaureate in literature and art, I went on to study English at the Institut Anglophone Charles V, Paris 7 University, where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree LLCE (Foreign Languages, Literature and Civilizations) in English - majoring in Contrastive Linguistics and Translation - in 2001. 

My different 'hats'

English & French teacher: I like to teach practical and useful French & English, but also playful, creative, humorous and in touch with nature.

Author: I'm the author of a bilingual children's book, The Forest Trap / Le Piège Dans La Forêt, published by Lessons & Books4Kids and also available as an e-book.

Family life: I'm an teacher, but above all I'm the mom of two girls who fell into my English language club when they were little. We also have 1 cat, 3 chickens and 2 axolotls. We are a couple fascinated by English and foreign languages in general, books, children and teaching. Our whole family is passionate about nature, music, reading, astronomy, art, discovering the world and so on. Our eldest daughter illustrates all the Lessons4Kids English lessons and flashcards. She's also an amateur photographer and author of a series of children's novels, Enquêtes à Paris, available in French. Discover her world on her blog.

You can book online private French classes with me or with some teachers that I highly recommend.

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