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Learn how to write in legible handwriting in French

In France, children start writing French in  legible handwriting  in grade 1, called CP (Cours Préparatoire) in France. The script is for reading only.  Script and cursive fonts differ in the way they are written. Script is a type of lettering that is written with a pen in one continuous stroke. Cursive, on the other hand, is characterized by its  flowing lines  and  connected letters . The main advantage of cursive writing is its  much higher writing speed , as the movement involves far fewer lifts of the pencil with linked letters. Four or five generations ago, writing was a slow, laborious art. At the end of the 19th century, with the widespread education revolution and the multiple uses of writing in industrial societies, it became important to improve writing speed. It was at this point that writing systems were developed to accelerate writing speed without sacrificing legibility. To practice French legible handwriting, as taught in French schools, print out the traditional Seyes

Body - Parts of the Face in French

Bonjour les enfants ! Comment ça va ? Let's talk about parts of the face in French (les parties du visage). You might like  my flashcards on the parts of the face in French . You can use them as cards to play Memory Games,  posters or coloring pages. All my flashcards are bilingual (French and English). Parts of the Face video Fun Parts of the face video in French J'ai perdu mon visage   J'ai un petit problème. J'ai perdu mon visage. Oh ! Il est là ! Mon visage est là.  Avec mes yeux, mon nez, ma bouche, mes lèvres, ma langue (BLBLBL). C'est mon visage. (Tous droits réservés /All rights reserved - Margot Lossouarn) If you are interested in our pen pal program (letter exchanges and Zoom classes) between English-speaking and French-speaking kids, please visit my website

It's winter! There's snow! C'est l'hiver, la neige est arrivée !

It's winter and there is snow here in France! C'est l'hiver et il y a de la neige en France ! Let's sing a great winter song and learn or review winter clothes in French together: Faisons un bonhomme de neige (HeyKids) Habillons-nous, et allons jouer dehors C'est déjà l'hiver Faisons un bonhomme de neige. Habillons-nous, et allons jouer dehors Couvre-toi bien, il fait si froid La neige est arrivée. Fais une boule de neige Pose-la par terre Roule boule roule  (Et) voilà elle est parfaite ! Fais une deuxième boule Un peu plus petite Mets-la par-dessus Et voilà son petit bidon ! Une dernière boule Posée tout en haut Fais bien attention Il ne doit pas perdre sa tête ! Ajoutons les yeux Avec ces deux boutons Quelques cailloux pour ses dents  Et une carotte pour le nez. Il lui faut des bras Prenons ces bâtons Une écharpe autour du cou Il ne prendra pas froid Il manque une dernière chose Pour bien s'amuser Ce chapeau magique sur sa tête Et le tour est joué ! To lea

Would you like a French-speaking pen pal for your kids?

Penpals4Kids is a fun pen pal program for English-speaking and French-speaking children around the world. The children can meet, chat and play together by Zoom during fun Bilingual Zoom Classes with Margot (their teacher) and they can also exchange letters (by email or snail mail letters) during the academic year. How does the letter exchange program work? Read the article Help to write your first letter Help to write your second letter Help to write your third letter If you are interested in joining this exciting program, contact us by email and we will add you on the wait list.