French for Adults

Wanna learn some practical, useful and spoken French?

I want to help you 

  • travel and be at ease in French, 
  • be better equiped to help and follow the progress of your kids, 
  • read & write in French
  • discover French culture - its music, cinema, food, history, geography...

Group French Zoom Classes

Beginners Level A0 or A1

Group A - Collective French classes for adults on Tuesdays at 7.00pm Paris time (in 2024).

From January 2025 on, the classes will take place on Mondays. Class Full!

Group B - New collective French class for beginners on Thursdays at 6.00pm Paris time from September 2024 on.

Check out the time difference with Paris time. This will be morning or noon time for those of you who live in the USA.

(-6 hours in NY, -7 hours in Texas, -9 hours in California)

On Tuesdays / Thursdays from September to December 2024

(13 hours of French)
Live French classes on Zoom + PDF of the lessons
(Payment in 4 installments via payPal)

If you are interested, please join the waiting list

(Contact me if other members of your family want to join us.)

Book a Private French Class

Book a pack of 10 Private French Classes


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