French for Adults

Wanna learn some practical, useful and spoken French?

I want to help you 

  • travel and be at ease in French, 
  • be better equiped to help and follow the progress of your kids, 
  • read in French

My Zoom classes for adults (beginners Level A0 or A1) will start in Autumn 2023. I will open up classes with 5 to 8 adult students. 

I invite you to a free trial on Monday November 13th at 7.00PM Paris time. Send me an email to book your spot!

Monday Chat / Lundi Papote

As I will also open English classes for adults, I really hope that all my adult students (French and English-speaking) can meet and chat with each other in Zoom breakout rooms. 

The French classes for adults will be on Mondays at 7.00PM Paris time, just after the French and bilingual zoom classes with your children. This means that it will be morning or noon time for those of you who live in the USA.

I offer a pack of French Zoom classes (starting in November and ending in June) 

For a minimum of 5 students, it will be 13€/hour/student (reduced price for another member of your family attending the class with the same Zoom connection)

If you are interested, please send me an email first. Once you have my confirmation that you can enroll my online French class, please book your spot down below:

I would like to enroll (soon available)


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