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What is your favorite school subject? (French lesson)

Hi there! Can your kids tell other kids (their French penpals for example) what their favorite school subject is in French? Or maybe they have several favorite school subjects and they would love to tell their friends about them! This is going to be the theme of our French Zoom Class next Monday. If you would like to enrol your kids to French Zoom Classes, please visit my website First of all, let's get started by discovering the School Subjects vocabulary in French > Les matières scolaires. Les matières scolaires en français Download the school subjects bilingual flashcards here (French / English). > You can print these flashcards, have your kids cut & color them and then play memory games. Secondly, now that your kids know the vocabulary, let's build short sentences in French. What is your favrite school subject?  > Quelle est ta matière préférée (à l'école) ? /  Quelle est ta matière scolaire préférée ? ( the word 'scolaire' - re

Animals video challenge for your kids

Do you have pets? Kids all love pets! You can learn to talk about pets in French in this previous blog article: Pets in French Make a video with your animals (pets, farm animals...) I regularly invite my English-speaking students to participate in video challenges so that they practice French and help French-speaking kids learn English. You can say: "Hello, my name is... This is my cat / dog / bird... (+ name) These are my hens." In French: "Bonjour, je m'appelle... Voici mon chat / chien / oiseau... (+ its name). Ce sont mes poules."   Example : Hello, my name is Margot This is my cat Youyou. And these are my hens. Bye! Bonjour, c'est Margot. Voici mon chat Youyou. Et voici mes poules. Salut ! Farm animals Some of my students have got farm animals. Here is my latest French vocab video about farm animals: Farm animals video  on Instagram. Farm Animals Vocab on YouTube: Download the video flashcards here You all know the traditional song Old Mac Donald Had a