Animals video challenge for your kids

Do you have pets?

Kids all love pets! You can learn to talk about pets in French in this previous blog article: Pets in French

Make a video with your animals (pets, farm animals...)

I regularly invite my English-speaking students to participate in video challenges so that they practice French and help French-speaking kids learn English.

You can say:

"Hello, my name is...

This is my cat / dog / bird... (+ name)

These are my hens."

In French:

"Bonjour, je m'appelle...

Voici mon chat / chien / oiseau... (+ its name).

Ce sont mes poules."


Example :

Hello, my name is Margot

This is my cat Youyou.

And these are my hens.


Bonjour, c'est Margot.

Voici mon chat Youyou.

Et voici mes poules.

Salut !

Farm animals

Some of my students have got farm animals.

Here is my latest French vocab video about farm animals:

Farm animals video on Instagram.

Farm Animals Vocab on YouTube:

You all know the traditional song Old Mac Donald Had a farm in English, well I just found out that there is a French version of it called either Le vieux McDonald or La ferme de Mathurin.

I selected the best ones I found on YouTube for you:

Le Vieux McDonald

Dans la Ferme de Mathurin 1

Dans la Ferme de Mathurin 2

Dans la Ferme de Mathurin 3

La Ferme de Mathurin (with words in French Sign Language)

Farm animals is the theme of our Bilingual Zoom Class today with the French-speaking and English-speaking kids from all over the world.

Check out my website if you want to know more about Penpals4Kids - my pen pal program and French classes for English-speaking families.


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