Bilingual Zoom Classes

On Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6.00 pm Paris time (-6 hours in NYC, -7 hours in Texas, -9 hours in LA, USA.) 

In the Bilingual classes, English-speaking children learn French while French-speaking children learn English. Kids practice together, teach each other while playing games and doing all sorts of fun activities. Margot, the teacher, is like a conductor, leading her orchestra.

 For 5-11 year-old kids

French Zoom Classes

On Thursdays at 5.00 pm Paris time (-6 hours in NYC, -7 hours in Texas, -9 hours in LA, USA.)

In the French classes, Margot teaches French (her native tongue), in a fun and engaging way, to kids from all over the world, through English.

 For 5-11 year-old kids

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Printable 2023-2024 calendar here!

You can buy 1 Zoom ticket or a pack of more tickets to get a cheaper price. If you want to attend my next French and/or Bilingual Zoom Class with your children, please always contact me by email first or fill-in the pre-registration form (to make sure there are still some spots available) and then book your spot on

Special pack of Zoom classes May-June 2024 (per family)

French online class with American children

In our blog (, you will find many free French lessons. Click "labels" > then  "French lessons"
Soon, I will launch a French online platform for families who want to learn and practice French at their own pace!
Check out my shop to download hundreds of bilingual flashcards to learn French with your children or students.

Photo Ksenia Belanger

Private tutoring

Please, send me an email if you prefer private French Zoom tutoring for your children.

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Award winner Best International Language Club for Kids 2023


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