What is your favorite school subject? (French lesson)

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Can your kids tell other kids (their French penpals for example) what their favorite school subject is in French? Or maybe they have several favorite school subjects and they would love to tell their friends about them!

This is going to be the theme of our French Zoom Class next Monday. If you would like to enrol your kids to French Zoom Classes, please visit my website Penpals4Kids.net

First of all, let's get started by discovering the School Subjects vocabulary in French > Les matières scolaires.

Les matières scolaires en français

Download the school subjects bilingual flashcards here (French / English).

> You can print these flashcards, have your kids cut & color them and then play memory games.

Secondly, now that your kids know the vocabulary, let's build short sentences in French.

What is your favrite school subject? 

> Quelle est ta matière préférée (à l'école) ? Quelle est ta matière scolaire préférée ? (the word 'scolaire' - related to school - is not compulsory)

My favorite school subject is ...

> Ma matière préférée est ... (here you add the article le (masculine) or la (feminine) or l'(when the following noun starts by a vowel or a h)

Examples: le français, la géographie, l'histoire, l'allemand, l'EPS (Education Physique et Sportive > PE) ... There is absolutely no rule to help you know when a noun is masculine or feminine. The only way is to learn them by heart with their proper article and listen to a lot of French, as often as possible. This won't prevent you from being understood by French prople, no worries :)

To learn how to conjugate the verb TO BE in French (être), watch this video:

Don't forget to like the video and why not leave a comment under it on YouTube to support my work. It would mean the world to me :)

Last, but not least, your kids now need to talk with real French people! 

French is a living language, so it has to be spoken between living people and not just using apps. That is why I create Penpals4Kids, a pen pal program to connect French speaking families with English-speaking families worldwide. Kids can exchange letters and meet by Zoom on a regular basis.

To go further

Whether children go to school or home school, education is a precious gift that we want to offer to all the children of the world. I invite you to listen and learn this beautiful song for the rights of children.

"Je veux apprendre" (I want to learn)

Je veux apprendre, je veux apprendre
Je veux apprendre, je veux apprendre
Je veux apprendre, je veux apprendre
Je veux apprendre, je veux apprendre

1. Je veux apprendre à tenir un stylo
Écrire des livres et le nom des oiseaux
Je veux apprendre à changer les couleurs
Je veux comprendre et tout savoir par cœur
Je veux apprendre à nager sans ceinture
Je veux connaître les coutumes, les cultures
Sur la mappemonde, ici et maintenant
Je veux apprendre, conjugué au présent !

Refrain (chorus)

2. Je veux apprendre à construire ma maison
Jouer du piano, jardiner des chansons
Je veux apprendre à respirer sous l’eau
Ouvrir mon cœur et me servir des mots
Je veux pouvoir partager mes idées
Je veux parler les langues du monde entier
Dire d’où je viens, raconter qui je suis
Je veux apprendre pour être mieux compris !

Refrain (chorus)

3. Je veux apprendre les forêts, les montagnes
Aller plus loin, savoir lire les étoiles
Au grand galop, lancé comme une fusée
Je veux apprendre sans jamais m’arrêter
Je veux apprendre pour comprendre le monde
Trouver le Nord, prouver que la Terre est ronde
J’veux rien gagner, pas être le premier
Je veux apprendre pour être en liberté !

Refrain (chorus)


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