Join my French baking class!

I am excited to invite you all to my first online French Baking Workshop where we will learn French while baking a typical French dessert: Une tarte aux pommes

Baking or cooking stimulates our 5 senses and it is the best way to learn a new language, isn't it?

I have a nice personal story to tell you about the tarte aux pommes, à la française or French Apple Tart. But first, you need to know that a tarte aux pommes is not an apple pie but an apple tart. The apples are not cooked under the pie crust but on top of it. The apple slices are thin and even. It requires more time and patience to arrange them one by one on the pastry. It's kind of an art. In French, we say: C'est tout un art !

Here's my story. When I was young, I hated baking tartes aux pommes. I did not understand why I should cut thin slices of apples and take "hours" arranging them on the pastry. I much preferred throwing uneven bits of apples on the pastry. I remember saying to my mom that in the end, it would be the same taste! That's where I was wrong, and so was my mom. She should have convinced me of the beauty of a traditional tarte aux pommes, and I would have probably seen it differently. Instead, she pointed out my lack of patience and my lack of delicacy. How relieved I was when I did my first trip to London, when I was 15! Just across the Chanel, there was the Apple Pie! Can you imagine my feelings? I immediately fell in love with this so British dessert, especially when served with ice-cream. With apple pies, nobody cares about the size or shape of your apple bits, do they? But... this works well only because the apples are kind of steamed inside your pastry. Big bits of apples won't melt in the mouth if cooked on top of the pastry, will they? So, I later got the point: an apple pie and a tarte aux pommes are two very different desserts!

Now that I am in my forties, I love taking the time to bake beautiful desserts (or even better - watch my daughter do it), not just good ones. The appearance of any food is as important as its taste, isn't it? The sense of sight and taste are equally stimulated. 

In a cooking workshop, all your other senses are involved too: the smell, the touch, and even the hearing when it comes to cutting the tart into wedges.

That is why learning a language while baking is so effective! 

In this French Baking Workshop, you will bake a tarte aux pommes à la française as a family! 

French Baking Workshop program

Before the workshop

You will receive flash cards to print and color, and a list of ingredients: 
For the pastry:
  • flour
  • egg yolk
  • water
  • salt
  • room temperature butter
For the apple tarts or tartlets:
  • apple compote
  • apples
  • sugar
  • butter
  • honey

During the workshop

For 3-6 year-old kids, we will watch a video of a children's story and sing a song about apples.

Then for all, young and old, we will talk about each ingredient we need for the apple tart (tarte aux pommes) with the flashcards first then with the real ingredients.

Baking workshop:

After washing our hands (in French) we will start baking the pastry. I have found the best recipe ever by a famous French Star Chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

We will start baking a "pâte brisée" (shortcrust pastry). You will see that it's quite an art. I learned a lot myself while preparing this workshop!

Then we will prepare the "tartes or tartelettes (tartlets) aux pommes". 

Finally, while the pies are baking, we'll learn an incredible French song! I'm not telling you more about it :)

After the workshop

You will receive the tarte aux pommes recipe and useful links.

What do you think of this program? 

If you love it, save your spot here! Then pay here


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