Let's learn to talk about the clothes in French!

Hi kids!

In this article, I am going to teach you some clothes vocabulary in French.

Let's get started with this musical video about Autumn & Winter clothes:

Les vêtements Automne & Hiver en français :

And now repeat the words in French after me:

You can now download the Clothes flashcards in my shop, color the clothes and play memory games or other games to learn the vocabulary before our next French Zoom Class:

Download the Clothes flashcards here

How about participating in our Instagram Clothes video challenge?

You can do it in both French and English.

Video script in English:

Hi! My name is ... I come from ...
Here are my favorite clothes.
This is my favorite sweater / dress / skirt ...
These are my favorite pants / tights...

Video script in French:

Bonjour / salut !
Je m'appelle ... Je viens de ...
Voici mes vêtements préférés.
Ma robe / jupe / veste ... préférée.
Mon pantalon / T-shirt / pull / sweat / chapeau / manteau ... préféré
Mes chaussettes / collants / chaussures préférés

Masculine / Feminine nouns in french

In French all nouns are either masculine or feminine. We need to put a definite (le, la, les = the) or indefinite article (un, une, des = a, an, O) before each noun.

Here are some examples:

Feminine nouns

une, la (a, the)
  • une robe (a dress) / la robe (the dress)
  • une jupe (a skirt) / la jupe (the skirt)
  • une veste (a jacket) / la veste (the jacket)

Masculine nouns

un, le (a, the)
  • un pantalon (pants or a pair of pants) / le pantalon 
  • un T-shirt (a T-shirt) / le T-shirt 
  • un pull (a sweater) / le pull
  • un chapeau (a hat) / le chapeau
  • un manteau (a coat) / le manteau

Plural nouns

des (O: no article in English)
  • une chaussette (a sock)/ une paire de chaussettes (a pair of...) → des chaussettes (socks)
  • une paire de collants (a pair of tights) → des collants (tights)
  • une chaussure (a shoe) / une paire de chaussures (a pair of...) → des chaussures (shoes)

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