Family Video Challenge in French With Margot!

Wanna participate in my Family video challenge with your kids?

Here is a short video to help you.

Video Script

Bonjour Hello
Je m’appelle Margot. My name is Margot.
Je suis française / américaine / anglaise / sud-africaine… I am French / American / English / South-African…
J’ai 10 ans. I am 10
J’habite en Angleterre / en Afrique du Sud / aux Etats-Unis… I live in England / in South-Africa / in the USA…
Voici ma famille : This is my family:
Ma mère / maman My mother / mummy
Mon père / papa My father / daddy
Mon frère / Mes frères My brother / My brothers
Ma sœur / Mes sœurs My sister / My sisters
Mon animal / Mes animaux My pet / My pets
Tu veux être mon ami ? Wanna be my friend / Let’s be friends

Write these words and sentences in a phrase book and illustrate each word if possible 
➳ Make a video presentation of your family in English and French too if possible 

Contact me if you want to participate in this FREE French challenge with your children. 
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Bonne journée :)


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