Would you like to grow a lemon tree from seeds?

 In our French cooking workshop today, we'll be talking about lemons (citrons in French).

We'll need them for our recipe of the French "Super Moelleux au Citron" (super soft lemon brownie).

While our cake is baking in the oven, we'll learn how to grow a lemon tree - in French - thanks to this video.

Would you believe me if I told you that all you need to grow a lemon tree is a banana (une banane), and lemon seeds (des graines de citron)? 

Where do lemons come from?

You will get the answer in this video (from 5'31-6'20)



French expression

"Presser quelqu'un comme un citron"

This expresssion means exploiting someone to the full until they're good for nothing; squeezed dry like a lemon. 
Example: Arrête de me presser comme un citron! Stop squeezing me dry like a lemon!


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